Buona sera from Italia

Day 1. I still can’t believe I’m here, but at the same time it feels more normal than I expected – being here, and speaking in Italian. I guess it’s because I don’t have that feeling that you normally get while travelling of living in such a different, temporary way. I’m in a home, with my own room, with a real family.

I already love it here. I’m in the Marche region, in a town called Ascoli Piceno. The area has a landscape very similar to Tuscany’s – it’s very hilly, with lots of farms and small towns. Everywhere you go you get these views of the countryside, and I think it’s so beautiful! I had a couple free hours this afternoon, and I told my family I would go for a walk around the area. They discouraged me from going, saying that there’s nothing to see – it’s just a street. But that is so funny to me! I went anyway, and this is what I would’ve missed. In between the houses, you suddenly get these amazing views!


Even the houses are pretty, painted in bright pastel or sandy colors, and surrounded with plants – the area is so lush! I couldn’t go far because there are some crazy hills – their house is at the top of this one:


Then Loredana and Giorgia (my host mom and sister) took me to see the castle! Yep, there’s a castle about a three minute drive away. And it’s the place where Loredana met her husband, Gabriele! Most of the towns around here are medieval, so there are all kinds of sites like this one (and all the buildings have a lot of character). This is one of the castle’s towers, after we walked up to the courtyard inside.IMG_3003

And the amazing view!

IMG_3006You can’t see here, but there are also mountains in the distance.

I also went to the nearby city of San Benedetto with Giorgia and her boyfriend, and walked around (it’s called “fare la passeggiata” in Italian – I love that word). Lots of people were out, walking around – it’s an area with a lot of shops and gelaterie, and it’s right along the beach.

Anyway, I feel like I could share more, but it’s only been one day! I miss everyone back home, but I’m excited to see what I have ahead of me these next 2 months.


6 thoughts on “Buona sera from Italia

  1. Hi Adi,

    How wonderful for you to be in such a beautiful town. Sounds like things are off to a really nice start.

    Love Ema

  2. How exciting to get to read about this great experience! BTW, I currently have an Italian student staying at my house, this time just for one month. He was an exchange student for an entire year 2 years ago. I will show him your photos! Enjoy, and be sure to write about the food!!!

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