Small Towns of Ascoli Piceno

I had the opportunity last week to explore a little more of this area. I’ll give you a little geography to start off with: this region of Italy is called Le Marche, and it contains 5 provinces. I am in Ascoli Piceno. Within the province of Ascoli Piceno, there are lots of small towns. I live in Acquaviva, I go to the beach in San Benedetto del Tronto, and now I have visited 2 others.


I loved Grottamare. Loredana and Giorgia and I walked up the hillside away from the beach, into the small town.


It’s made up of narrow cobblestone streets and small enclosed squares – it’s full of charm. There are a few churches, and the ruins of a castle. This town (as well as most others in this area) was built during Medieval times.


I can’t get enough of the narrow alleyway pictures!


All around there were views of the seaside below, and the surrounding towns. It was really beautiful.


It had been rainy for a few days, and we managed to walk around during the one hour in between downpours. It started raining again just as we got back to the car. We had similar luck the next day, when we went to see Offida.

The main square in the center of town

Offida is another charming small town, with the same cobblestone streets and narrow passageways, but it has its own characteristic feel.


We were about to return when someone suggested that we go visit the church Santa Maria della Rocca. I didn’t have high hopes, because I have seen plenty of Italian churches. But this one, set a little ways outside of the town center, was worth seeing. It sits majestically at the peak of a hill, surrounded by valleys and hillsides.



And here are my tour guides!


Although I would love to see this whole country, when I arranged this trip, I really wanted to get to know the region where I would be living. After being here for a month (wow, crazy!) I think I can say that I have grown to understand the way of life (as much as I am still an outsider here), and  to see and appreciate this beautiful region.


3 thoughts on “Small Towns of Ascoli Piceno

  1. I love the beautiful views of the sea side. The city looks so quaint with the narrow alleys and the cobblestone. I’m so excited for your family to join you soon!

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