Tossing and Turning

Sometimes when I can’t fall asleep I plan baking projects. I fantasize about combinations of cupcakes and frostings and fillings; I create fruity tarts and crisps in my mind; I plan what I’d like to have on the counter or in the freezer for breakfast this week. Yes, it’s a little dorky, okay? I’m putting myself out there, you guys. I could also tell you that I spent far too long happily browsing an online store of baking/kitchen supplies the other day, like, for fun. Is that too much information? I hope you still like me….

Well, tonight that is not what I’m thinking about. Tonight I’m thinking about moving. Not fun at all. Especially if you live in Madison, where the entire city has to move out on the 14th of August, and can’t move into new apartments until the 15th. As you’d expect, it causes some problems. There’s still a week before move-in day, and it already feels exhausting.

Although I’m pretty settled at a temporary place until the big moving weekend, everything feels transitional right now. Friends are still out of town or in the process of moving, my sister’s moving out of her much beloved apartment and planning a huge trip, and I have been trying to figure out how I’ll manage all the logistics of move-out and in. It all just makes me feel very unsettled. Which is why I am up blogging in the middle of the night, after laying awake in bed for hours.

Oh, I’m sorry, were you waiting for me to transition somehow into a recipe? Sorry to lead you on. I’m actually just shamelessly using this blog to write about my feelings. Thanks for listening though. Stay tuned for tasty savory scones tomorrow!

I’ll leave you with an adorable food blog I discovered today: I’m dying to make her farro salad!

And here’s a woman who uncovers recipes from home cooks of the early 20th century and puts them out there to be rediscovered and remembered -how cool!

I can post other good blog finds in the future, if people are interested!


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