Doughnuts for Dinner

Doughnuts for Dinner


B and I had a little baking marathon the other night. It started with wanting to use up a few items in our fridge: a tub of mascarpone cheese and a couple beets from Imperfect Produce. As B is wont to do, he settled on an ice cream recipe – Jeni’s beet and poppy seed ice cream. The beets had to roast in the oven for an hour, so naturally we decided to start on some doughnuts in the meantime.

Also working on beet ice cream. How gorgeous is that? #jenissplendidicecream #beet #organic #farmfresh

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I got a doughnut pan over the weekend, and I’ve literally wanted one ever since Joy first posted about hers 2 years ago. If you haven’t noticed already, I’m kind of a Joy the Baker fangirl.

First time using my doughnut pan!!! Brown butter doughnuts a la Joy the Baker!

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Belated Chanukkah Doughnuts


In honor of Chanukkah, my roommate Megan and I decided to throw a fried-everything dinner party. Eating latkes and doughnuts is traditional for the festival of lights…but we went more than a little overboard. The thought process went something like this:

1. Homemade doughnuts? Of course! They’ll be delicious and so fresh! How hard can it be? Make dough, plop into hot oil.

2. Do it all in 1 day? Why not?

3. Hey, why don’t we fry a bunch of other stuff, too?!

We did pull it off somehow, but there were a few too many frantic phone calls to my mother, and everything took about 3 hours longer than it was supposed to.

Making doughnuts on a lazy Saturday, and then being able to relax and enjoy them, sounds wonderful. But making them for a party, when I had 10 other things on my to-do list for the day…let’s just say I was very happy with my decision to go with cake doughnuts instead of yeast, and to skip the jelly filling. Simpler can be better.


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